007 Extension Agent

The scope of this internship is to give an applicant the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of being a CSU Extension Agent. This will include working with groups of all ages and developing programs from start to finish. The successful applicant will also learn communication skills and troubleshooting while on field visits with the agents. These field visits could include livestock husbandry, range stewardship, plant diagnostics, pest identification, livestock operations, food safety and more. A successful candidate will have a background in one of the following areas: agriculture, animal science, natural resources, family and consumer science or youth development.
Objectives will include learning firsthand how to listen to stakeholders then finding the answers they wish to know from the land-grant university system. Furthermore, the applicant will learn the collaboration efforts needed between agents to have a successful multi county program.
Goals: 1. Develop an evaluation tool to evaluate youth camps to understand if youth are truly getting the experiences, they wish out of them and follow up
with parents to see if the camp was worth the investment.
2. Plan, organize, deliver, and evaluate an educational program
3. Offering an opportunity to an applicant to learn in person the job expectations and skills required to be a successful Extension Agent.

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