Adaptive Management Planning and Implementation on Roberts Ranch

Goals: This internship will:
1. Train an intern to develop, implement and monitor a grazing plan for summer and fall managed grazing on ~12,500 acres of the Roberts Ranch in Livermore CO.
2. Provide side by side hands on experiences including:
a. Develop Range monitoring including plant/animal species identification skills
b. Develop low stress stockmanship livestock handling and moving skills
c. Develop hands on skills for managing temporary fences and livestock water inventories

Scope: The work will include:
1. Early season planning in May for where, how, and how many cows will be grazed throughout the summer. Work to be completed alongside professionals, and Extension.
2. During the grazing season the work will include ~20 hours per week of moving temporary fences, checking livestock water.
3. Throughout the summer weekly monitoring of range health including identifying indicator plant/animal species.

Objectives: This internship will provide hands on training for how to develop:
1. Successful grazing plans, best methods for implementing these plans,
2. low stress cattle handling techniques
3. responsive range monitoring including plant/wildlife species identification.

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