El Paso County Youth Development Internship

The goal of this internship is to focus on collecting and interpreting accurate data from 4-H youth, families, and volunteers by evaluating the content and structure in surveys, and then the process or software program used to interpret the data for stakeholders. 4-H Extension Agents, Emily Tobler & Charity Cagle, have been working to identify an effective measurement tool that would assist in identifying gaps, positive outcomes, and learning objectives in 4-H programming. The “why” behind what we do depends on valid, reliable, and consistent measurement tools in addition to finding effective software programs to digest and compute valuable information to agents and stakeholders.

The intern should have a background or interest in, and working toward a degree, in agricultural education, animal sciences, family and consumer science, community development, humanities, or youth development related degrees. The intern will be exposed to various 4-H activities and events occurring throughout the summer months related to livestock, horse, small animal, environmental issues, leadership, and family and consumer science project areas. Additional topics of exploration for adult audiences could include youth development, process training, and/or education. The intern will also be available to work with Extension agents and local fair boards to prepare for and deliver a successful county fair experience for our 4-H youth.

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