Evaluating and Growing Economic an Community Development

Jackson County is a Frontier County that is desperately trying to maintain its way of life. The goal of the completed internship is to find a way to work with the community and share education, information, and ways to best listen clearly and accessibly to the community.

The internship goals for this project include:
• Establishing systematic communication processes to enhance relationship development
o Research communication and relationship development
o The intern will work to find the best and most efficient ways to communicate and gain involvement from the community.
o Through this the goal is to have a better understanding of these terms and be able to teach and apply the information to the stakeholders and community
• Enhance critical thinking to best identify appropriate channels, people, and programs for engagement,
o An intern would work on critical thinking through understanding the community, applying their knowledge, and what they have learned to be able to find the best way to communicate and grow the community.
• Gain community involvement with rural initiatives to enhance community pride and create real value.

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