Expanding Fremont County 4-H and Building Life Skills – Creating Non Traditional Opportunities

The goal of this internship is to create 2 non traditional opportunities in the Fremont County 4-H program.

One opportunity would be targeted towards younger members with the goal of creating a curriculum that can be used to go into 3rd – 5th grade classrooms monthly or for an 8 – 12 week period to be used by volunteers to create a school 4-H club experience. Part of this project would also include creating a training for volunteer pairs to go into classrooms and use the School 4-H Club Curriculum. The goal of the 4-H curriculum would be to introduce 3rd – 5th grade classrooms to 4-H project and life skill topics including agriculture, money management, healthy lifestyle choices, etc. and give them opportunities to learn soft skills including leadership and public speaking. Part of this project would also include advertising and recruiting potential volunteers to go into school classrooms.

Another opportunity would be targeted towards high school youth to create a Career Pathways 4-H project/program for youth to participate in to learn skills needed in the workplace and to connect them with community business people to learn about various job opportunities and make community connections. This would involve creating an educational experience outline to help teach soft skills and recruiting potential business people and workplaces who would be willing to participate in a learning partnership with our Career Pathways youth.

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