Expanding Residential Rain Garden Installations in Front Range Communities

The proposed internship goals are:
– Increase knowledge and awareness of the benefits of using stormwater as a resource
– Teach the importance of community outreach and engagement in water education
– Demonstrate the need for DEI in the water field and the importance of incorporating language justice when developing educational content and programs

The scope of the internship:
The intern will be part of the initial phases of this project including:
– Being trained as a Certified Residential Rain Garden Installer
– Assisting with and leading Certified Residential Rain Garden Installer trainings for other groups
– Identifying and planning a portion or all of the 19 demonstration rain gardens
– Being trained on how to use the rain garden monitoring app
– Assisting with monitoring of the rain garden installation

The Internship objectives are:
1. Student will be taught how to install rain gardens and will be certified rain garden installers
2. Student will assist with and/ or lead Certified Rain Garden Installer Trainings to other groups
3. Student will be able to install a rain garden

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