Expanding the footprint of 4-H urban agriculture education through programming and partnerships

Agriculture takes on a different look in Jefferson County, Colorado. The county is diverse with a strong urban population complementing the vast foothills. As agriculture is not an integral part of life at the forefront for the majority of the population in Jefferson County, the need for agricultural education and exposure is more important than ever. This intern will help bridge that gap through providing community education.

Our vision for this internship is to help expand 4-H livestock projects through any of the below avenues:
• Promotion of urban farming and raising livestock in urban settings
• Investigating current public knowledge of agriculture, plus how to expand, improve and make knowledge more prominent
• Expanding our community presence through communication, visibility and/or locations
• Keeping farm-to-plate education and public engagement alive through program development
• Exploring and developing new partners for animal housing for urban 4-H youth
• Supplemental outreach programming as needed
• Connecting rural Jefferson County with 4-H resources

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