Garfield County Summer STEM Youth Development Internship

We are looking for someone interested in designing and implementing STEM education for youth ages 10 to 13 in a summer day-camp program. Specific components will include:
• Design and administer a pre and post evaluation survey to use with the beginning and end of the camp series
• Analyze survey data and write a summary report on the results
• Designing and Implementing STEM-related educational activities for the topics below. Intern should prepare one STEM-related activity per day. Topics should align with the following weekly themes:
o Gardening
o Outdoor Education
o Wildlife and Plants
o Leave No Trace/ Summer Survival
o Nutrition & Foods
o Farming, Horticulture and Ranching
• Compile lesson plans that can be used by volunteers, teachers, or 4-H Youth Development agents for future programming.

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