Influence of Arabic Speaking Immigrants to Colorado Agriculture

a. Goals
• A historical review of the contributions made by Arabic speaking immigrants to Colorado agriculture
• Creation of a fact sheet with the results of the review
• The intern will consider recent immigration as well
b. Scope
The interns will work with extension staff to increase the awareness of Arabic speaking immigrants’ cuisine’s influence on Colorado agriculture. The intern will create a fact sheet discussing the arrival of Arabic speaking immigrants, what foods are common in their cuisine, which ingredients used in the cuisine can be grown in Colorado, and any agricultural production techniques that were introduced by the people. Upon completion of the fact sheet it will be translated into Arabic.

The interns can be based anywhere in the state. However, they must visit the Sedgwick County office during the internship to experience the agricultural environment of northeast Colorado.

c. Objectives
• To expand CSU Extension’s diversity efforts
• Improve the student’s understanding of professional activities within extension
• To create a welcoming environment in extension offices for multicultural visitors

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