Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Youth Programming with Jefferson County 4-H Program

The Youth & Families with Promise 4-H Mentoring Program is a grant based mentoring program. The program offers 60 at-risk youth the chance to engage in leadership, team building, problem solving, hands-on 4-H project-based learning activities weekly while providing a mentor for the youth to form a strong bond which is the basis for the program. The goals of the program are to improve academic performance, increase social skills and strengthen family bonds and provides consistent caring trustable mentor to help make a noted behavioral change in the mentee’s lives.

The internship will focus on developing and evaluating STEM programming, both for the Youth and Families with Promise (YFP) Mentoring program, and for the Jefferson County 4-H Outreach Program. Key activities will include working with the mentees and families at the mentoring sites, planning implementing and evaluating weekly STEM based activities that can taught at mentoring program meetings and, and outreach programs at local low-income housing sites. The intern will coordinate a STEM based summer camp and, and events and activities for 4-H members and YFP mentees at the Jefferson County Fair. Ruben Flores, the campus-based mentor will work directly with the intern to help them develop these new and innovative programs, both for the weekly mentoring meetings, outreach program and for the STEM based summer camp. The intern will also develop an evaluation tool using 4-H Common Measures to assess the success of the weekly outreach program activities, and the STEM day camp.

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