Spanish in Professional Environments

The goal of this internship is to assist with analysis and improvement of Spanish in professional work environments. This work will include, but not be limited to, research involving an analysis of need of Spanish language skills in the fields of health care, law enforcement and legal services, and social work. In this part of the internship, the intern will assist in interviewing professionals (in English) in these fields about the interaction they have with Spanish speakers and their language skill needs in their particular professions. The intern will also assist in interviewing Spanish-speaking community members (in Spanish) about their interactions with professionals in these fields. These interviews will then be transcribed and the needs of specific professions will be categorized. The internship will also consist of reading a variety of pertinent literature pertaining to research in this field. The objectives of this research are to better understand how and when professionals in these careers need and use Spanish in professional interactions. Other internship duties may include Spanish/English translation.

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