UAV (Drone) Remote Sensing of Post-Fire Watershed Impacts

The goal of this internship is to gain valuable experience supporting research into the impacts of the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome wildfires. Both fires occurred in 2020 and are the two largest fires in Colorado history. The primary objective will be to use UAVs (drones) to collect aerial imagery of fire affected areas and subsequently build orthomosaic images and digital elevation models (DEMs) to quantify the impact of the fire. Particular focus will be given to areas where data were collected by 2021 Summer Extension Interns, as 2021 and 2022 data will be used to quantitatively evaluate changes in topography (erosion/deposition) and vegetation recovery. The intern/research team will work with the CSU Geospatial Centroid to make these finished map products available to the public for further access and analysis of the wildfire’s impact.

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