Bilingual Garden to Table Curriculum Educator

Southern Region



Primary Topic:

Health and Well-Being

Other Topics:

Food and Agriculture, Natural Resources and Sustainability

Lead Mentor:  

Laura Griffin

FCS Agent

Internship Overview:

Intern will be trained on the Garden to Table curriculum.
Intern will help make connections in the community with Spanish speaking underserved populations to recruit them to participate in the courses.
Intern will deliver curriculum over four sessions to bilingual audience.
Intern will stay connected with participants to make sure they are engaged with the course and that all questions are being answered by intern or mentors.
Intern will collect and analyze post course evaluations.
Intern will develop a summary of their work and identify potential improvements that can be made to increase learning in the future.

Goals, Scope and Objectives:

Become familiar with the Garden to Table curriculum.
Successfully recruit a bilingual/underserved cohort to participate in the courses.
Deliver four courses to participants.
Interface with participants and deliver questions to mentors as needed.
Distribute, collect, and analyze course evaluations.
Develop summary of courses and make recommendations for improvement in the future.

With which stakeholder group(s) will the intern work?

CSU Extension-Pueblo County staff
Bilingual residents of Pueblo County
CSU Extension campus specialists

What student learning outcomes do you anticipate and what are the opportunities for professional development?

Intern will learn how to connect with diverse audiences and recruit diverse participants
Intern will learn technical aspects of container gardening and healthy food prep.
Intern will learn how to prepare, execute, and evaluate programming to diverse audiences.
How to evaluate a program for future success.
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