Elevating Extension Education Through Resource and Website Development

College of Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural & Resource Economics

Rio Blanco 


Primary Topic:

Health and Well-Being

Other Topics:

Economic and Community Development

Lead Mentor:  

Dessa Watson


Internship Overview:

The Masters of Extension Education program focuses on the personal and professional development of future and current Extension Educators.
Students skills and knowledge to develop impactful programs and deliver educational resources in their role as a community educator. This internship’s focus will be to elevate the work done by students and model meaningful and impactful manners in which the work done by Extension Educators can be more easily accessed.

Goals, Scope and Objectives:

The goals of this internship are to elevate the Extension Education Masters program by compiling and archiving student work into an accessible media format to then be easily and widely distrbuted as a resource tool. Further, we would like to have an intern analyze, investigate, and evaluate the skills, tools, and resources Extension Educators need to be successful in the field and then create and develop resources accordingly. The intern will spend time communicating and researching standard practices of each county office, record the findings, and then analyze data looking for what programming commonalities all Extension offices have and what differences there are. The findings will be reviewed guidance in resource development.

With which stakeholder group(s) will the intern work?

The intern will interact with Extension Educators across the state and various levels of administration.

What student learning outcomes do you anticipate and what are the opportunities for professional development?

1. Archive, organize, and elevate the Extension Education program’s student work portfolio into a web accessible platform
2. Identify commonalities in programming areas for each county, develop a messaging statement that CSU Extension can share with stakeholders as to what each county receives consistently from Extension programs.
3. Identify commonalities in Extension Educator roles then design, develop, create resources for streamlining Extension Educator’s work. For example, resources can be a new Extension Educator’s handbook that can be used as a planning tool for an Extension Educator’s first year in Extension which would be housed and accessible on the Extension Education program’s student resource website.
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