Marketing Internship

Front Range Region



(Adams, Alamosa, Denver, Douglas)

Primary Topic:

Food and Agriculture

Other Topics:

Economic and Community Development, Food and Agriculture

Lead Mentor:  

Antoinette Elbert

Founder & CEO

Internship Overview:

Brandwith Connections is a creative marketing and merchandising solution for local Rocky Mountain Region Natural & Organic brands. We engage buyers and consumers by connecting them with local, functional food & beverage products and create connections that move the needle forward toward success for emerging food entrepreneurs. We are positioned to positively impact local food systems and have a dynamic team of 14 women geographically dispersed to cover the Front Range and 1 mountain region of Colorado. Recent participation in a Foodshed community assessment project opens an opportunity to engage in the topic through a community assessment. This opportunity to listen to the voices of local stakeholders and community is valuable. We request this intern asset to add value and vastly increase the amount of data we can acquire to benefit the local food systems. We believe it will be of benefit to the student.

Goals, Scope and Objectives:

The intern’s work will help with research and exploration for the Foodshed community analysis of barriers and opportunities for local farm and food producers, particularly those who want to move into wholesale accounts. Investigative Research survey will be conducted leading to a need / benefit /risk SWOT analysis. Qualitative and open ended questioning methods will be used to interview food systems and learn about barriers / needs / and preferences for stakeholders in the local food systems . Goal to utilize Social Media marketing to advertise local food system events and collaborate with organizations both with resources to impact food systems or a need for support of their food systems organization. Research will lead to knowledge that will support the development of an outline for a potential curriculum for Vendor Education.

With which stakeholder group(s) will the intern work?

Food entrereneurs, Farm Suppliers, Owners, Communities, Independent Markets

What student learning outcomes do you anticipate and what are the opportunities for professional development?

The student will learn the following:

• Gain knowledge of what barriers and opportunities exist for farm and food producers, especially those whose goal is to move into wholesale accounts.
• Learn research strategies and how to effectively create programs that would help farm and food producers with marketing and infrastructure so the brand can be successful.
• Gain experience collaborating with business owners, identifying entrepreneurial needs, and determining how to impact their business processes in a strategic and beneficial manner
• Learn how to create and manage social media accounts and groups
• Learn how to help plan and develop an online vendor school to educate local functional food brand entrepreneurs
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