Ute Influence and History in Colorado Agriculture

Western Region



(Delta, Larimer, Mesa)

Primary Topic:

Food and Agriculture

Other Topics:

Economic and Community Development, Health and Well-Being, Natural Resources and Sustainability

Lead Mentor:  

Todd Ballard

Area Agronomy Specialist

Internship Overview:

The internship will focus on the changes of agriculture within the Ute community. How are current requests for agricultural products being met? How have these requests changed over time?

Goals, Scope and Objectives:

a. Goals
• A historical review of agriculture within the Ute Nation
• Present a poster at the extension forum summarizing the work completed during the internship
• Translation of the poster into Ute using the Southern Ute dialect

b. Scope
• The intern will work with the mentors to increase awareness of Ute cuisine’s influence on Colorado agriculture and historical origins of the cuisine. The range of the scope will be determined as a discussion of the intern’s interest. The intern will visit the Ute ethnobotanical garden in Grand Junction to see plant species of significant cultural importance grown by CSU following the advice of tribal elders. The core project for the final assignment is an academic poster to be presented at the extension forum. Upon completion of the fact sheet it will be translated into Ute with the translation available at forum.

The interns should be based in Mesa, Montezuma, or Larimer counties. Regardless of the home base of the intern, they will be required to visit the other sites. Montezuma county is where interaction with the reservation residents is centered. Mesa county is where the ethnobotanical garden is located. Dr. Cooke’s educational program is based in Larimer County.

c. Objectives
• To expand CSU Extension’s diversity efforts
• Improve the student’s understanding of professional activities within extension
• To create a welcoming environment in extension offices for multicultural visitors
• Improve the interaction between CSU and the Ute Nation

With which stakeholder group(s) will the intern work?

Agricultural producers
Retail food service
Ute community

What student learning outcomes do you anticipate and what are the opportunities for professional development?

The student will improve their ability to interact with multiple cultures.
The student will increase their understanding of agriculture across the state with the varying climates of Southeast Colorado, Northeast Colorado, and the front range.
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