Youth Program Delivery with Latinx community partners

Front Range Region



Primary Topic:

Youth and Family Development

Other Topics:

Health and Well-Being, Youth and Family Development

Lead Mentor:  

Faith Kroschel

4-H Youth Development & Outreach County Specialist

Internship Overview:

The intern will be given the task to plan, organize, deliver and evaluate educational programs rooted in 4-H methodology and positive youth development to Latinx and underserved youth audiences throughout the summer. The goal of this internship is to introduce the intern to job expectations and skills required to be a successful Extension Agent in Youth Development and Outreach. The internship will also support & expand our work with local youth 4-H programs in conjunction with local partners Casa de la Esperanza and the Boulder County Community Housing programs. The internship will explore youth participation in hands-on learning where the Latinx community resides.

Goals, Scope and Objectives:

The intern will plan, organize, deliver and evaluate educational programs rooted in 4-H methodology and positive youth development to LatinX and underserved youth audiences throughout the summer. The programs may consist of a variety of topics and activities including but not limited to Horticulture/ Gardening, STEAM, Home Economics, & Livestock, and Disaster Recovery. Instruction will be provided onsite but may be modified based on current local guidance throughout the internship. The intern will be responsible for the delivery of available curriculum, as well as the development of an activity kit.
The intern should have a background in and working toward a degree in education, nutrition, agriculture, youth development, or social science-related degrees. The internship would also benefit from an individual that is bilingual and has experience working with Latinx and/or low-income youth of color. The intern may have the opportunity to experience various 4-H activities occurring throughout the internship related to livestock, natural resources, community health areas, horticulture, garden management, and fire recovery.

With which stakeholder group(s) will the intern work?

The intern will work with local partnerships with Casa de la Esperanza and Boulder County Housing Community Programs to extend Extension programming into three communities. The intern will work directly with our community partners in Boulder County and program participants to conduct a needs assessment that will help guide the evaluation plan and tool. The evaluation tools will also help ensure that participants’ voices, concerns, and suggestions are heard and valued.

What student learning outcomes do you anticipate and what are the opportunities for professional development?

The student would have the opportunity to be involved with program planning, delivery, and evaluation, and learn essential skills associated with each aspect. Additionally, the student will conduct research on evaluation methods and tools currently used in 4-H and youth development, such as Common Measures. The student will execute a small scale community needs assessment with our partners and will conduct an evaluation of the data received to develop the programming . In addition, students will increase their knowledge of youth-serving organizations. As a result, students will build professional relationships and grow their professional network to obtain additional opportunities in the future.
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