EFNEP Peer Educator Training Development

Colorado EFNEP is revising our nationally used Eating Smart • Being Active HEAL curriculum and educator training resources to incorporate the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Eating Smart • Being Active lessons feature hands-on recipe preparation to encourage participants to prepare more meals and snacks at home, avoid convenience foods and limit eating out. EFNEP educators need training on kitchen safety, knife skills and instructions for purchasing, washing, and preparing ingredients featured in the curriculum recipes.
EFNEP Extension internship goals and objectives include updating and reformatting curriculum training materials to create an online food preparation resource for Eating Smart • Being Active. The Extension intern will also: observe EFNEP adult classes and trainings; contribute to the revision of food preparation training modules; and assist in facilitating the modules for Colorado EFNEP. Ideally, the intern will have a background in nutrition or public health, food safety knowledge as well as an affinity for cooking.

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