Building Civic Capacity for Community Resilience

The proposed internship goals are to build local Colorado communities' civic capacity and their ability to work together. Interns will work with a team of CSU faculty, Extension Specialists and Community Change Makers as we continue to build on our successful newly created and validated civic assessment tool, the Civic Capacity Index. We will use the index to work side by side with communities to understand their civic strengths and the areas that slow collaboration. This internship opportunity will feature opportunities; for hands on experience with implementing the use of the Civic Capacity Index, conducting research and interviews, working with Extension staff to coordinate community meetings, and working behind the scenes with our nationally recognized leadership program, the Family Leadership Training Institute of Colorado. The focus of this internship will be on support strengthening community civic capacity so that more people feel like they belong to a community and are engaged in making communities better for children, youth and families. Central to this work and this position is being community-driven.

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